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Is Uptime really affecting your customers?

Here at LFi we are all striving to give our customers new innovative features and our latest Enterprise Integration is no different.

Uptime and web performance is without a doubt one of the most important KPI’s to leading digital success. Dynatrace give very precise monitoring of when your site has gone down, for how long and analytics over time.

All of this is very important but we have taken the next step by integrating this data into our own LFi dashboards giving multi-nationals the power to analyse and compare insight’s from Dynatrace across all their worldwide sites. This way you know which are leading the way so these sites can use their success to help lower scoring sites.

Look back at different time periods and hover over countries to get a better look.



This detailed comparative tracking makes it easier to share insights with your team. You can even use the market drop down to focus on one countries results over time. But that’s not all this dashboard does…

Next we delved into how uptime data looked in comparison to NPS data to see if we could find any correlation. We built the function allowing you to see exact NPS scores in the same dashboard as customers average survey results.

And guess what we found! Of course they correlate. You can see clearly here that sites which go down more frequently also have lower customer recommendation scores.

Is there any correlation between your digital KPI’s and uptime?
Do you want to start your own investigation comparing different data points?

Together with LFi you can take control of your monitoring. We can build custom dashboards to meet your exact needs.

Spreadsheets and manual input are a thing of the past, LFi does this all for you. You can even export all these results at the click of a button.

Get in touch and see what’s happening on your site!