Web Accessibility Test Your Website

Do you need to ensure that your web pages are compliant with Web Accessibility best practices?
We can help. Our Little Forest index (LFi) Accessibility tool gives you instant reports on how your pages perform against all major standards including WCAG 1.0, 2.0, Section 508 and many more.

Overview of Web Accessibility

You wouldn’t build barriers around your business, so why put them up on your website?
At Little Forest we understand the importance of Web Accessibility, which is why we work with you to flag up any problem areas and make sure your users have the easiest journey possible.
Web Accessibility isn’t just beneficial for people with disabilities but is an initiative which can improve all your users experiences.
We run a full report of your whole site which analyses and explains; where the issues are, how they are affecting your users and suggests ways to make improvements.

Why use LFi Accessibility reports?

  • Improve your customer experience
  • Ensure you comply with international standards
  • Tailor your reports to be actionable for your team

Multi-Standard Testing

    We will test for discrepancies on Section 508 guidelines and across all WCAG standards including; WCAG 2.0 & WCAG 1.0 – A, AA & AAA guidelines. Helping you improve your ranking.


Improving accessibility will bring in and allow wider audiences to use your site.
It’s estimated that ⅕ of the population identify as having a disability, a number too big to ignore, let us help you hold open the doors for all of your users.

Key Features

  • Instant tests on as many pages as you need
  • Charts to show progress and improvements over time
  • Reports on all Errors, Warnings and Information points
  • Even reports on pages that require login

Get your free Accessibility Report today

Just leave us the main URL for your website with email address and we will send across the results completely free.


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